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No surprises!

Posted on: 1/12/2023
Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible!

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Consulting Dr. Google

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What the hair?!?

Posted on: 5/19/2022
Medications & Supplements

Posted on: 5/5/2022
No surprises!
Written By: Dr. Anderson ~ 1/12/2023


Many of us have a change of insurance at the beginning of the new year. Deductibles can reset or even increase. Review your policy to avoid surprises!

The easiest way to know your benefits is to login to your insurance company website and enter your ID number. You will usually see your copay and any deductible amounts. If you have questions, call your insurance company to get clarity.

Remember, even if your ID number on your card is unchanged from year to year, doesn't mean your benefits are unchanged.

Happy New Year!

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