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Pain Solutions

Pain Solutions

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Perhaps your pain started after a car accident in which you suffered an auto injury. It could have developed as you got older or in relation to a disease. Or maybe you have been dealing with it for years and you just don’t know why. If you’re living with chronic pain, Bothell’s Dr. Nicole Anderson at Anderson Natural Medicine is committed to not just helping you manage the pain, but to determining the underlying cause and addressing it to provide lasting relief.



Joint pain is often associated with age, but it’s important to note that arthritis is a sign of joint inflammation. The solution is not to mask the pain or administer treatments that provide intermittent relief, but to determine the source of the inflammation and remove it. Resolving the inflammation resolves the chronic pain.


Chronic pain in the muscles is known as fibromyalgia, with sensations ranging from widespread tenderness or soreness to sharp pain and spasms. The condition is often accompanied by fatigue, sleep problems, mood swings, and memory issues. Like other chronic pain conditions, inflammation is the root of the problem, so treating whatever is causing the immune response—not merely suppressing it—is Dr. Anderson’s goal.

Chronic Inflammation

Unresolved acute health problems, a range of diseases and disorders, irritant exposure, trauma, and even what you eat can be the source of chronic inflammation. This inflammation commonly impacts the joints, muscles, and gastrointestinal system, as well as the respiratory system, mental functions, emotional wellbeing, and more. The key to resolution is finding what the sometimes diverse and seemingly unconnected symptoms are pointing to as the culprit in the body. Identifying the cause and treating that allows Dr. Anderson to stop or decrease the chronic pain. Two common manifestations of this ongoing inflammation are arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Auto Injury and L&I Patients

Vehicle accidents and on-the-job injuries often cause acute problems that are resolved in a relatively short amount of time. Unfortunately, such accidents can also be the root cause of chronic pain, which—if left undiagnosed and untreated—can linger for years or even decades. Dr. Anderson specializes in working with auto injury and L&I patients, using a wide range of tools to get them back to as much of a “pre-injury” state as is possible.

Treatment Options

Pain Treatment Injections

Dr. Anderson chooses the ideal pain treatment injections to suit the patient and the problem, with options ranging from blends of natural ingredients to platelet-rich plasma collected and concentrated from your own blood. Another option for treating chronic pain with injections is ozone or prolotherapy, which involves stimulating a healing response in the treatment area. In any case, your own body is prompted to heal itself, whether by tightening lax ligaments, relaxing “clamped down” muscles, or regenerating tissue.

Regenerative Medicine

The breakdown of vital components in the body can lead to chronic pain, especially in places where bones or other tissues rub together and wear down without the benefit of protective and friction-reducing coverings. Whether the degeneration is due to injury from a traumatic accident, typical aging, or something else, regenerative medicine can help by halting and even reversing the deterioration. Options for triggering natural repair processes to restore proper function and reduce chronic pain include PRP, prolotherapy, and ozone.

Naltrexone Pain Therapy

A medication commonly employed to help patients fight opioid addiction, naltrexone can also be administered in low doses to promote pain-relieving endorphin production, reduce and prevent inflammation, and encourage natural healing in those dealing with chronic pain.

Ozone Healing Therapy

Increasing damaged tissue’s access to oxygen can prompt natural healing, especially in joints and other areas that get less blood flow than muscles and organs. Oxygen-promoting ozone therapy can help to treat chronic pain by reducing inflammation, building cartilage, and more.