Keto Mexican Wedding Cookies

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Keto Mexican Wedding Cookies
Written By: Dr. Anderson ~ 10/13/2022


Known by many names, Mexican wedding cookies, Snowball cookies, Russian tea cakes, these little balls of heaven can now be included in a low carb lifestyle and are gluten free!

Most of us that are over 40, especially women, are finding that we need to keep our carbs lower than we did years ago in order to lose weight or maintain our weight. Many people simply feel better eating a lower carbohydrate diet. I am one of those people! Although I’m not an amazing cook, and don’t really enjoy cooking, to be honest, I plan to share my favorite recipes with you!


This was my first attempt, but certainly not my last! The original recipe is by - Author: Carine ClaudepierreThe only change I made was to add a bit more pecans than the recipe called for.

Thoughts….I don’t like the cooling sensation of erythritol when eating it, so I will have to give some thought to the sweetener next time and I think the recipe could use just a dash of cinnamon in the dough. All in all, it satisfied my craving but I will try making them again with a few changes.

Note: while these are very low carb, they are NOT low calorie so be careful when tracking. Please see the original recipe for all of the ingredients as I am not the original author. The following calculations are from my CarbManager app. My batch made 15 cookies.

Calories per cookie: 141
Total Carbs: 2.4g, net carbs 1.0
Fat: 13.6g
Protein: 2.4g

Stay tuned for more low carb recipes and bon appetit!