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Meet Dr. Nicole Anderson

A former chemical engineer and research scientist, Dr. Nicole Anderson discovered naturopathy during her personal quest to detoxify her body after years of exposure to harmful chemicals. Dealing with a range of symptoms, she chose to forge a new career path for herself in order to save her own life. She now applies her naturopathic medical degree and considerable experience to help others.

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Our Services

Patients can get regenerative treatments and more help for a range of health concerns at Anderson Natural Medicine, including chronic pain, hormone imbalances, and digestive issues. Dr. Nicole Anderson also provides aesthetic treatments that rejuvenate aging skin and revive failing follicles.

Is Your Pain Chronic or Acute?

Acute pain typically has a “sudden” onset (as with a cut or sprain) and is temporary, healing within days to weeks. Chronic pain is ongoing and may be constant or recurring—even after an injury has healed.

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Pain from Auto or Work Injury

Accidents can cause acute injuries that heal, but trigger inflammation and persistent pain that lasts for years or a lifetime. Read more...

The gradual deterioration of tissue over time due to disease or the wear and tear of aging can lead to degenerative pain. Read more...

Flexible Visit Options

Patients who are seeking diagnosis and relief for a range of conditions—including abdominal or back pain, headaches, recent acute injuries, and more—are invited to schedule an in-person medical appointment with Dr. Nicole Anderson. We take patient safety, health, and confidentiality very seriously and have precautions and protocols in place for your safety for in-office appointments.

If your problem does not require a physical exam or immediate lab work, contact Anderson Natural Medicine about the possibility of scheduling a virtual visit via telemedicine. Dr. Nicole Anderson can meet with you on screen to learn about your symptoms, ask questions, visually assess certain skin conditions, and review test results and paperwork. Please do not hesitate to ask us about whether this approach would work for you if you would feel most comfortable with a virtual meeting.

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Virtual, telemedicine, and in-office appointments are available. Masks are required for in-office appointments. For the safety of all, exam and treatment rooms are sanitized between each patient visit.

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