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Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

Find Hormonal Balance at Bothell's Anderson Natural Medicine

A healthy body is regulated by hormones in proper balance, with chemical messages created and received without disruption. Hormones are responsible for a wide range of functions, including energy production, maintaining metabolism, raising and lowering blood pressure, and more. Hormone therapy at Bothell’s Anderson Natural Medicine helps patients whose hormonal levels are out of balance.

Inhibited hormone production can lead to numerous health and even mood issues, negatively impacting day-to-day living. Talk to Dr. Nicole Anderson to learn whether your chronic symptoms—including weight retention, constant feelings of tiredness and negative emotions, and menstrual disorders—are pointing to an issue that could be resolved with proper hormone therapy.

Chronic Fatigue

HORMONETHERAPY_ChronicFatigue_WomanOnCouch.jpgThis common condition is often associated with chemical imbalances that hormone therapy can help to resolve. In Dr. Anderson’s experience, chronic fatigue is typically linked to problems with adrenal function and a resulting lack of cortisol or adrenocorticotropin. It is also commonly associated with hypothyroidism, sleep disorders, nutritional deficiencies, and chronic inflammation.

Anxiety and Depression

For patients with mild to moderate anxiety or depression—which often go hand in hand—Dr. Anderson performs tests to investigate neurotransmitters and hormones. Commonly prescribed antidepressants are often only partially successful at regulating mood in many people. In some cases, they don’t really work at all. There are many neurotransmitters, not just serotonin, and hormones that can cause anxiety and depression when they are out of balance. By determining which neurotransmitters or hormones are out of balance and whether or not your body has the basic ingredients it needs to make specific mood-regulating chemicals, Dr. Anderson can develop an individual approach to help restore balance as part of a broader treatment strategy.

Thyroid Conditions

HORMONETHERAPY_Thyroid_WomanWithThyroid.jpgThe thyroid is often blamed for health problems as diverse as fatigue and an inability to lose weight. While underproduction of key hormones can certainly be a contributing factor to such problems, the reality is often far more complex. Hormone therapy for the symptoms of an improperly functioning thyroid starts with Dr. Anderson getting as complete a picture possible. Addressing thyroid conditions may include lifestyle and diet changes, as well as hormone therapy, medications, or supplements.


When a patient’s ovaries stop producing hormones later in life, the resulting drop in estrogen can cause many undesirable changes, including hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain, and loss of libido. While this life transition known as menopause is expected, the symptoms traditionally associated with it do not have to be accepted. Hormone replacement and nutritional and herbal supplements can greatly reduce menopausal discomfort. Some patients may also find that hormone therapy helps with perimenopause, which is the window of time leading up to menopause, when estrogen and progesterone production begin to slow.