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Read What Patients Are Saying about Dr. Nicole Anderson and Anderson Natural Medicine in Bothell

Omg I just found my new doctor she was amazing and took her time listened to my problems and has solutions thank you so much❤️❤️
Marie N.

I went to Dr. Anderson with a severe sharp pain in my shoulder blade. She took the time to review all of my functional movements to target and pinpoint the root cause of my discomfort. She treated my shoulder with a few injections, and I have been pain free for a week. I have been suffering for over 6 months and wish I would have discovered her sooner.

Dr. Anderson is caring, attentive, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. She is easy to talk with, takes time with her patients, she wants to understand holistically what is going on with your body. She is well researched on all areas of medicine and can help area outside of pain management.
Michele Sayed
Snohomish, WA

Ultherapy was the one quick fix in my life that worked better than expected to improve my looks. It was minimally painful and every morning I continue to admire the results. My improved social life is also a big reminder of how much of a success it can be! People can't believe how much my looks have changed from what they were, and it is all for the better. How many women can say that about pictures taken 10 years ago versus now? I do not fear the random camera angle any more. I also believe that even in this modern age, youthfulness and attractiveness still helps to advance your career; I will say I have done very well at my work since having the treatment. Whether that is due to my increased self-esteem or how other people view me, it doesn't matter as the results are an improved quality of life, socially and professionally.
R. Davis
Area treated: Lower face and neck

I have had the pleasure of experiencing naturopathic services for a couple of years with Dr. Nicole Anderson. I had been used to main stream medical doctors. that spend 15 minutes, treat, and the visit is over. Dr A. is a careful listener and asks questions. She takes the time to research, and complete personal analysis of her patients. She is very good at issues regarding men's health. She is very professional and provides a comfortable atmosphere to discuss sensitive concerns a patient may have. My personal health has improved dramatically in areas where foods and modern drugs were doing me harm. Being under her care has been a blessing for me and a joy for my wife.
Rick S.
Bothell, WA

If you want a new, less expensive approach to healthcare, consider Dr. Nicole Anderson. She will teach you simple, easy to learn techniques to ease your pain. If my neck is stiff or my back hurts, I remember the simple tricks Dr. Anderson taught me. 123 RELIEF!! Don't be a drugged out Zombie, use your own body to ease your pain. Dr. Anderson will teach you how.

You will not be sorry, and you will tell your friends about Dr. Anderson!!
Celia N.
Kenmore, WA

I started seeing Dr. Anderson after running into a dead end with my MD. I have been anemic my whole life, but it had started to affect my daily life and no doctor could ever figure out how to fix it. My levels stayed the same regardless of what supplement they put me on so after a few times trying to figure it out they would give up. I accepted that I would always be anemic until I met Dr. Anderson! At that point my anemia was really affecting my life. I couldn't walk long distance, I struggled staying awake, I felt dizzy constantly, driving was an issue, I had so many problems! Dr. Anderson was the first doctor to take the time to dig deep and figure out why my body was struggling. Every doctor I saw sent me for the same exact testing except for Dr. Anderson. She thought outside of the box and truly cared to get my health restored. She found issues no one else saw and she created a great plan of action using supplements to bring my health back up! I felt a difference the first week and within a few months I had never felt better! 3 months into my care plan my iron levels were healthy for the first time in my whole life! That is when I decided she was my new Primary Care Physician and my go to for everything I need! It has been a little over a year since and I have been able to maintain my iron levels thanks to Dr. Anderson's recommendations. Every time I see her I walk away with confidence and a smile knowing my health is in the best hands! I highly recommend her to everyone I talk with!
Melissa S.

OMG – Dr. Nicole is the absolute best. With Ultherapy, I look 10 years younger and simply amazing. People NOW comment all the time how wonderful I look – and they don't know why. It's my secret weapon. Ultherapy and Dr. Anderson!
Ann M
Woodinville, WA

I saw Dr. Anderson for exercises to complement my chiropractic treatment, as well as for homeopathic treatment. She is extremely professional and caring... she networked well with many other professionals on my "team" and also referred me for some other complementary treatments. At every step, I felt that she listened to my concerns and offered me different options for treatment. My life is back in the flow... thank you, Dr. A.!"
Andrea L.

She thoroughly reviews your history, present test results, complaints and provides options of care. She's sharp and honest. I am feeling results and believe I am on the path to optimum health. Vivian C."
Vivian C.