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Ozone Healing Therapy

Ozone Healing Therapy

Oxygen is an element vital for life. Dr. Nicole Anderson uses a gas made up of three linked oxygen atoms—ozone—at Bothell’s Anderson Natural Medicine to promote tissue regeneration and pain relief for her patients. The three oxygen atoms make ozone ideal for promoting healing in the body and boost the efficiency of complementary regenerative medicine approaches, such as stem cells and PRP.


Muscles and organs in the body have access to significant blood flow—and thereby oxygen. Less blood flows directly to ligaments, tendons, and joints, however, which means they get access to less oxygen. Introducing oxygen into inflamed or damaged joints, then, provides them with increased healing ability and can speed up the rate of repair. Treatments within the joint (intra-articular) can reduce inflammation and help to improve chronic pain, such as arthritis, as it promotes the activity of building of tissue such as cartilage. Dr. Anderson can discuss whether ozone on its own or paired with another treatment option would be ideal for you after performing an initial consultation and any necessary examinations, images, or tests.

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A note about safety: Ozone has been used safely for years for musculoskeletal conditions, and its use is expected to increase due to its effectiveness. However, the gas is a respiratory irritant and should not come in contact with lung tissue. Treatments should only be done by a licensed medical professional.

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