Ozone, PRP and Arthritis

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Ozone, PRP and Arthritis
Written By: Dr. Anderson ~ 12/7/2023


Ozone and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are becoming well known as treatment options for arthritis. While the mechanisms of actions of these therapies are different, the regenerative results are similar and they are greatest when they are combined.
Research studies have shown that ozone treatments compared to PRP treatments and a combination therapy of PRP and ozone, all resulted in pain reduction for patients. The best results were seen when the two therapies were combined.
Common questions related to these regenerative therapies are regarding number of treatments and costs and treatment pain and recovery.

Let me address the most common questions and my thoughts based on my clinical experience.

  1. Is ozone or PRP best for me?
    This is patient specific. Joints that are inflamed respond well and immediately to ozone injections. Ozone will quench the fire within hours to days and pain relief is often immediate. If a joint is really painful, even at rest, and the joint is warm to the touch (and infection or other pathology has been ruled out) this is a great place to start.

    If pain relief is achieved with ozone alone but regeneration of tissues is the goal, PRP or combination treatment of PRP and ozone is the next recommendation. Ozone alone can help regenerate but the combination will accelerate the process. Regeneration can occur by stimulating your own stem cells in the area.

  2. What joints can be treated with PRP and ozone?
    All extremity joints can be treated as well as most spinal joints. Some joints require image guidance while injecting, many do not. This would be decided by location by your practitioner.

  3. How many treatments do I need?
    It depends. Each patient responds differently. Some patients may have fantastic results with a single treatment. Some patients need 3 or more treatments.

  4. Do the treatments hurt?
    In most cases, patients will experience the initial needle poke in the skin and pressure as the joint is numbed and filled with either PRP fluid or ozone gas.

  5. What does it cost for PRP or ozone joint injections?
    Prices vary by provider and the state you’re in. In general, expect to pay $250-$300 for ozone joint injections and $1100-$1600 for PRP joint injections.

  6. Is my activity limited after injections?
    I recommend taking it easy for a few days after ozone injection treatment and for at least 1-2 weeks after PRP or combination treatment. Even if you feel great, give the joints as much time as you can before adding major stressors on them such as running or weight lifting. Daily activities are generally well tolerated after 48 hours.

  7. Can ozone and PRP help me with any other painful or injured areas?
    Yes! These treatments are also amazingly helpful for damages ligaments, tendons and muscles. These therapies are designed to increase your body’s own healing process.


PRP is an inflammatory process. We do not heal without inflammation, so this is a necessary step, but PRP into an inflamed joint can be more uncomfortable than some people can handle. This is why I recommend ozone as a first treatment for really inflamed joints as it is analgesic. I also recommend ozone therapy for many who need to be more cost conscious, but still get great results.

These treatments can sometimes help people avoid surgery all together but it can also be used to increase the time before a surgery is needed as well as to keep people more comfortable while they wait for an upcoming surgery.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive approach to treat arthritis or a soft tissue injury, find a doctor in your area that specializes in regenerative treatments such as PRP, ozone (Prolozone) and even stem cells to see what is best for you.


Dr. A