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A Non-Invasive Alternative to Lifting Skin on the Neck, Chin, and Brow for Bothell and the Entire Seattle Area

Nonsurgical Hair Restoration

Encouraging Natural Growth for Bothell and the Entire Seattle Area


Find and Address the Cause of Chronic Join Inflammation in Bothell


Determine the Cause and Find Relief for Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain in Bothell

Chronic Inflammation

What Is Your Body Trying to Say with Long-Term Pain and Other Symptoms? Bothell's Dr. Nicole Anderson is Listening

Auto Injury Patients

Dr. Anderson Specializes in Helping Patients Dealing With Accident-Related Injuries in Bothell

Pain Treatment Injections

Prompt a Natural Healing Response with Help from Bothell's Dr. Nicole Anderson

Regenerative Medicine

Repair and Regrow in Bothell at Anderson Natural Medicine

Naltrexone Pain Therapy

Work with a Bothell Doctor Experienced in LDN for Pain Relief

Ozone Healing Therapy

Promote Healing with Oxygen at Bothell's Anderson Natural Medicine

Thyroid Conditions

Get Help with Regulating Important Hormones in Bothell


Manage Symptoms of an Inevitable Life Change in Bothell

Anxiety and Depression

Learn How Neurochemistry Can Impact Mood for the Better in Bothell

Chronic Fatigue

Natural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue in Bothell

Celiac Disease

Get a Diagnosis and Manage the Chronic Condition with Help from Bothell's Anderson Natural Medicine

Food Allergies And Intolerance

Discover How Diet Can Impact Total-Body Health at Bothell's Anderson Natural Medicine

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Relieve Abdominal Discomfort at Bothell's Anderson Natural Medicine

Crohns Disease

Manage Chronic Gastrointestinal Inflammation at Bothell's Anderson Natural Medicine

Ulcerative Colitis

Calm Inflammation, Reduce Internal Ulcers, and Identify a Cause at Bothell's Anderson Natural Medicine