Can hypnosis help you?

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Can hypnosis help you?
Written By: Dr. Anderson ~ 1/18/2024


Have you ever been mesmerized by watching a flickering flame or the crashing of ocean waves upon a beach? If you’ve ever felt yourself become still, peaceful and focused by something you’ve watched or heard, you’ve entered a trance state. The term mesmerized is due to Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician in Vienna born in the 1700s. Like most historical figures, he was on to something, with his study of magnestism and mersmerism, and he was heavily scrutinized. It’s rarely easy being a trailblazer but because of him, the seeds of what would be later termed, hypnosis, were planted.

Today we have hypnosis techniques that can help with many conditions such as chronic musculoskeletal pain, headaches and migraines, anxiety and depression, and many others. It’s also used to help people overcome habits and behaviors that may be detrimental to them such as smoking or overeating.

Everyone understands that stress can make you sick. If the mind is powerful enough to make you sick, working with the deepest parts of the mind to address reactions or perceptions to stressors, can allow the body to heal.

If you have conditions that don’t seem to respond to treatment or feel there may be a deep underlying reason for physical symptoms or habits, perhaps hypnotherapy may be helpful to you.

I assess each patient’s medical conditions and personal concerns to help them understand if hypnosis may be beneficial. To know more, contact our office.

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