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Dr. Nicole Anderson wants every patient coming to Bothell’s Anderson Natural Medicine to feel prepared, comfortable, and knowledgeable about at least the basics of what to expect. While there will be plenty to go over during an initial consultation, there are also many details that can be addressed in advance to make your visit go as smoothly as possible. By taking care of at least some of the administrative work ahead of time, we can focus more on you and how to help you feel your best during your appointment.

Start the paperwork by reviewing and filling out your patient registration forms in advance, get answers to frequently asked questions, learn how Dr. Anderson is a vital resource for auto injury patients, read our insurance and payment policies, and get area information in advance of your visit.

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Virtual, telemedicine, and in-office appointments are available. Masks are required for in-office appointments. For the safety of all, exam and treatment rooms are sanitized between each patient visit.

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