Determine the Cause and Find Relief for Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain in Bothell

Pain is one way our body’s immune system tells us something is wrong. Patients who suffer from chronic pain in the muscles and joints may get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, but Bothell’s Dr. Nicole Anderson notes that the catch-all term does not explain the “why” of the problem. Generally, where there is ongoing muscle pain, there is also systemic chronic inflammation, which is a heightened and sustained immune response to a triggering factor.

If you have a fibromyalgia diagnosis, Dr. Anderson can help you to figure out that triggering factor—the source of the inflammation—whether it involves a problem with digestive health, infection, stress, or something else. The goal is to turn a catch-all diagnosis of “muscle pain” into a plan that can improve your health and general well-being. She also uses this holistic approach for arthritis, which is joint-specific pain.

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